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The enterprise for the production of extracts from local natural raw materials: flowers, leaves, fruits, peels, seeds, roots of medicinal plants, and vegetables was founded in 2018. The main extraction workshop was launched in March 2022. The workshop has 4 extractors of 6000 liters each. This allows you to process up to 10 tons of raw materials per day. Also in the drying area, spray drying equipment is installed, which allows you to obtain up to 1 ton of dry extract. The enterprise was built in accordance with GMP requirements and has an FSSC 22000 certificate. It has its own laboratory equipped with modern equipment, as well as pilot production.

The rich flora includes a large number of different types of plants, among which there is an advantage in medicinal. Such plants are environmentally friendly and are used as raw materials for the production of pharmaceutical, food, and cosmetic products.

The favorable location of the company’s production site gives superiority in the complex processing of plant raw materials in accordance with all modern standards, within the framework of which extraction, purification, concentration takes place, which meets all international product quality standards.

The enterprise is equipped with modern equipment in accordance with the requirements of international standards and has a FSSC 22000 certificate. The production is equipped with extraction, separation and purification, drying equipment, a laboratory and R&D, which allows processing up to 2000 tons of raw materials per year.

Our in-house laboratory is equipped with state-of-the-art instruments, including a High-Performance Liquid Chromatograph and Dual UV Spectrophotometer. These tools play a crucial role in quality control, product analysis, and ongoing optimization efforts. The High-Performance Liquid Chromatograph ensures precise component separation and identification, maintaining rigorous quality standards. The Dual UV Spectrophotometer enables accurate absorbance measurement at various wavelengths. Beyond routine checks, our laboratory serves as a dedicated space for research and optimization, fostering informed decision-making and innovation. This integration of advanced equipment underscores our commitment to excellence, supporting the continuous improvement of our products and operational efficiency. 

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